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Motivated, energised and raring to go........ that's exactly how your team will feel after one day with The Motivational Partnership.

Our speeches guarantee to stir up a need to make things happen after the conference is over. We offer inspirational, thought provoking and entertaining talks that impact significantly on how our audiences conduct themselves in their thinking ,language and behaviour in the future.

Our speeches are always fresh, relevant and current, full of significant material that enlightens, empowers and motivates our audience.

We keep up to date with research and cutting edge theories that relate to case histories we provide. We offer practical methods to help individuals and teams achieve success. Our own business success and personal victories add depth and substance to our orations. People can relate to us.

We focus on real life situations. We don't claim to have swam the channel or climbed Mount Everest, achieved a gold medal or risked our lives in any way to enjoy personal gratification


Motivated, energised and raring to go, that is exactly how your delegates will feel after  one day with Motivateme!

As sisters, best friends and conference speakers, you can appreciate that we have an excellent rapport and our natural zest for life coupled with our sense of humour allows delivery not to be staged or contrived in any way. We instantly connect with the audience through our infectious enthusiasm, memorable anecdotes and entertaining style leaving delegates enthralled and wanting more.

Our audiences are captivated and engaged at all times. We create an atmosphere that instils confidence and empowers individual's to take immediate positive action. Our conversational manner and approachable style makes it easy for people to relate to us and be influenced by us.

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The Motivational Partnership specialise in providing schools, colleges and universities with staff and student programmes. As experts in motivation and attitude you are guaranteed that our courses are uplifting, inspiring, informative, memorable and fun. Our work within the education sector is widespread from delivering conferences to chief examiners to workshops with year 8 students.... Read more

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We can bring all our energy, experience and enthusiasm to your organisation!

Celebrating ten years in business, we have provided a wide range of organisations in the UK and overseas with dynamic, informative and enlightening programmes that get results.

We instantly connect with our audience through a warm,friendly and approachable manner. Our unique and authentic partnership as sisters, business partners and best friends offers you an uplifting and memorable experience.

 We are a Sister Act you can't afford to miss!

 "These ladies should be prescribed on the NHS",        Erica Hughes, Broadcaster

"You two have enough energy to launch a rocket!"  Margaret Hitchman,MD, Bagel Heaven

The E.C.M. Process

Our approach has three steps to it .

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Our Philosophy

We approach our working relationships with enthusiasm, integrity, sincerity, vision and commitment. We strive to exceed our customer's expectations. We encourage people to use our tried and tested methods as those used by life's winners.....

Live life with passion, surround yourself with successful and positive people, embrace life and the opportunities that come your way, make time for yourself and others, smile, laugh, be grateful for what life has offered you and be true to yourself and remember your attitude will be the key to your success and happiness.

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