If you or your staff are involved in training, whether full time or just occasionally, The Motivational Partnership Train the Trainer workshop will enable you to create memorable, inspirational and effective training sessions.

From Bite size sessions where you can learn tips and techniques to improve your delivery style, to more thorough programmes. Learn how to build rapport and connect with personalities different from yours. Have stage presence and maximise your personal style to capitivate the interest of your delegates. Learn how to create an emotionally uplifting environment where others are inspired to put into practice what they've learned.

Put simply, we give your trainers what they need to give their delegates what they want. Confidence

Whether you are training large groups or coaching individuals, whatever your circumstances our train the trainer workshops will enable you to transfer your skill, knowledge and expertise which will impress and engage your audience achieving a positive outcome.

What you will gain

You will have a better understanding of your preferred style of delivery, how to maximise your potential and become more flexible in your approach. You will be able to turn round what can sometimes be considered a boring topic into an exciting, interesting and memorable learning opportunity.

Learn how to

  • Design and deliver more effective training
  • Build rapport faster
  • Connect with all behavioural types
  • Captivate your audience
  • Combat that grave yard shift experience
  • Leave your delegates wanting more


  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Delegates willingness to learn and participate
  • Turning round the most cynical of people
  • Excellent feedback sheets
  • Experiencing a positive energy and appreciation
  • Making a positive contribution and job satisfaction

Find out how The Motivational Partnership "Mindset Change programme" will help you create a more fulfilling and rewarding future...