Our approach to telesales is to ensure tele operators employ the 6 p’s to persuade prospects to buy.


  • Positive
  • Professional
  • Perseverance
  • Personality
  • Productive
  • Profitable


Excellent operators “do not” rely on scripts. The Motivational Partnership will show you how you can make each and every call sound like it’s the first time for you! You will learn how to secure a positive reception and close sales.

The workshop will also improve your assertiveness skills and help you adapt your style to the different personality types you are dealing with.


  • How to get in the right frame of mind
  • Get straight through to the decision maker
  • Turn scripts into persuasive conversation
  • Motivate your prospects by creating interest
  • Improve voice control accent and dialect
  • Build rapport in seconds
  • Get to yes quicker