Our speeches are always fresh, as we keep up to date with research and cutting edge theories that relate to case histories we provide. We offer practical methods to help individuals and teams achieve success. Our own business success and personal victories add depth and substance to our orations. People can relate to us.

We focus on real life situations. We don't claim to have swam the channel or climbed Mount Everest, achieved a gold medal or risked our lives in any way to enjoy personal gratification

We have however become survivors of life from the unforeseen circumstances that we have had to endure from an early age. We have faced fear head on, overcome extreme challenges that life has put our way and embraced change with a positive mindset. Being from a big family, our upbringing promoted the need to be accountable, responsible and considerate of others. With an enviable 'never give up attitude' we have achieved success through all adversity and today we share our insight into how to make success possible.