When the pressure of dealing with situations or circumstances becomes overwhelming it is at this point where we encounter stress. Stress means different things to different people. How we are able to manage the expectations or the demands that are put on us will depend on a variety of factors e.g. emotional state or what is at stake. The Motivational Partnership will provide you with an informative, upbeat and memorable programme that offers coping strategies that will improve your ability to deal with stress effectively.


  • What triggers stress
  • The tipping point
  • How to avoid and reduce stress
  • Implications of being stressed
  • Managing emotions
  • Symptoms and stress relief
  • Staying calm, in control and rational
  • Putting things into perspective
  • Achieving a positive outcome


  • Understand what causes you stress and how to address the early warning signs
  • Identify where you already manage stress well and develop a personal coping strategy
  • Have the confidence and capability to avoid and deal with stress in a rational and healthy manner.