With over 40 years sales experience between us, we know first hand the feelings and emotions sales people have to contend with. When the pressure is on, that's when the strength of character and determination of a person can be measured. The only difference between a mediocre sales person and a top performer is the "way" they sell! We will uncover the habits, behaviours and winning mindset that will allow you to overcome the competition and achieve outstanding results. We will highlight the difference that makes the difference.

We encourage selling to be a more "natural" experience than a systematic or manufactured process. By improving our people skills we can improve our selling skills. Using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming - a study of excellence), emotional intelligence and accelerated learning we can provide your team with tried and tested theories that work in practice to improve performance, communication and relationships that impact positively on the bottom line. We provide compelling case histories, and up to date research on the changing world of sales.

We have empathy and instantly connect with our audiences. We understand what it is like to be a sales person and experience both the "highs" and "lows" the industry may present. We will show you how to "stay on top" and deliver consistently.

Our dynamic, passionate and enviable enthusiasm towards succeeding in sales will prove to you that selling has never been so much fun. You will learn how to get to 'yes' quicker. We will share tips and techniques that help you become more confident, influential, and memorable. We will help you maximise your potential to close more sales and create better relationships that secure more repeat business.

Having established your business' sales position, the dynamics of your team and sales expectations, we will design a bespoke performance delivery to convey your key message. Your sales team, like so many others that we have worked with will be inspired and energised and leave with a hunger to succeed.

We guarantee a memorable, entertaining and high-energy conference every time!

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