The Motivational Partnership guarantees to excite, inspire inform and empower any newcomer to the world of sales. We are proud to boast an excellent track record in sales and we assure your new comers that “Selling is fun””

Our workshop is filled with tips and techniques and easy to implement practices that close the sale!

Equipped with the vital basic sales skills you can be tomorrow’s next superstar.


  • Why and how your attitude contributes to 80% of your success
  • What are the great habits that achieve great results
  • The most efficient and productive method to prospecting customers
  • How to get past the gate keeper and securing an appointment
  • What specifically impresses the potential buyer
  • The best ways to manage your time territory and self
  • Simple ways to instantly improve self belief and confidence
  • Turning cold calling into hot prospects
  • Effective language to overcome objections
  • Successful closing techniques