The Motivational Partnership Sales Training will equip your sales team or individual sales person with the ultimate sales techniques to come out on top in any market place.

Unlike most training companies that offer you a "set-in-stone" programme, The Motivational Partnership use our unique ECM process to create sales training designed around your own unique business needs. Whatever you're selling, you'll find success with The Motivational Partnership Sales Training.

The Motivational Partnership will prove to you that selling has never been so much fun. You will learn how to get to 'yes' quicker! The Motivational Partnership will allow you to focus on how to become more confident, influential, and memorable. We will help you maximise your potential to close more sales and create better relationships that secure more repeat business.




Our sales training has proved to inspire and energise sales people and dramatically impact significantly on their levels of attitude, motivation and skill.



Because we are not text book trainers. We understand what it is like to be a sales person and experience both the “highs” and “lows” the industry may present. As top achievers ourselves we can provide you with a sales solution and show you “HOW TO STAY ON TOP” and deliver consistently.


Our courses offer:


  • Techniques to dramatically improve your current level of performance
  • Methods to outclass the competition
  • Knowledge about the psychology behind buying
  • The Motivational Partnership model for sales success