Sometimes as sales people our performance can take a dip. We could lose a major account or the market place may seem to dry up. Under the added pressure of having to hit target we may become pessimistic making the sales call tougher for ourselves. As a result of frustration we become disheartened and hand over opportunities to our competitors.

We create our own self fulfilling prophecy! So there is a need to go back to basics and re-address the negative habits we have let slip in our selling ability.

The Motivational Partnership will instil that hunger to develop the self belief and confidence that works for you. Get back on track with a stronger will to succeed. Our workshop is designed to nurture dormant talents and energise the fighting spirit that wins business.

With our own excellent track record in sales we endeavour to empower, inspire and instigate positive sales action. The only difference between a mediocre sales person and a top achiever is the “way” they sell/ 80% is based on attitude. We will highlight the difference that makes the difference.

  • Create a mindset for success
  • Attitude, motivation and skill
  • Quash limiting beliefs
  • Boost confidence and self esteem
  • Build rapport with different personalities
  • Understand the psychology behind buying
  • Talk to the people that will listen
  • Get to “yes” quicker