Your reception staff are at the very front line of your business. Often neglected, they are the voice, face and attitude of your company.

Our training courses understand their importance and our training and workshops will enable your reception staff to instantly build rapport, and gain the respect of everyone they come into contact with. Delegates will learn powerful language skills that will create the right impression for your company, and we'll show them how to manage time and tasks more efficiently and effectively.

About the course. We can provide a half day to a three day programme. We will work with you to address the main areas where training is required. The level of depth on each topic is determined by the length of the course. You can design your own programme from a list of topics indicated below i.e.

  • organisational skills
  • time management
  • assertiveness skills
  • communication
  • telephone skills
  • image
  • customer care
  • managing expectations
  • motivation and attitude

What they will learn.....

Delegates will learn how to project the best possible image for your organisation, from their appearance right through to communicating with visitors from all walks of life. The course provides a professional template for success, which includes;

  • Greeting staff, customers and visitors
  • Answering and routing calls
  • Positive and negative language and behaviour
  • Verbal and non verbal communication
  • Listening and questioning skills
  • Telephone techniques
  • Customer care
  • Dressing to impress
  • Prioritising
  • Handling complaints
  • Effective administrative skills


  • Customer friendly environment
  • Positive and professional ambassadors
  • Efficient and effective work practices
  • Business asset