This programme will help students become self aware and self assured of the unique qualities they possess that can be translated in a positive self image. Branding is what makes people have a certain association towards products.

If we consider ourselves as a product what image do we want to project?

What beliefs attitudes and values do we hold that will impact on others perceptions of us? Our personal and professional branding workshops will allow individuals to develop their brand values and identify how they fit in with a professional culture. By perfecting and fine tuning personal characteristics students will elevate their attributes and create a strong brand image.

Summarising personal branding - it's what other people say about you when you are not there! Ensuring perception is reality requires a consistent approach towards our thinking, language and behaviour. The Motivational Partnership will enlighten students of the steps they can take to ensure they project a positive image.


  • How to differentiate yourself
  • Promote positive characteristic at all times in any given situation
  • Be memorable for the right reasons
  • Increase your opportunities for success.


Students will learn

  • A clear definition of beliefs attitudes and values
  • The difference between perception and reality
  • How to control outcomes through choices and decisions
  • Appearance, communication and actions that impact on opinions