Does every person in your business reflect the image and attitude your company wants to portray?
A client or customer's first impression of your company will last a long time, so make sure it's the right one with The Motivational Partnership.

Our training will ensure that professional branding and personal branding will work together as one, to produce a consistent and professional image for your business.

It is imperative that there is a synergy between the individual and the organisation in terms of beliefs attitudes and values as these are translated in how we look, what we say and what we do.

The Motivational Partnership have a background in media, marketing and advertising and use our knowledge and natural flair for fashion and image to unlock your potential and create a brand that is authentic to the individual and complies with your professional brand values.

We offer one to one coaching, workshops and keynote speeches.

Executive Branding

This programme has been designed to assist business owners, company directors, executives, politicians and other high status individuals who wish to project a strong image of their unique brand.

Often having to address conferences or conduct media interviews it can seem quite daunting to have to contend with all the other issues outside of what it is you have to say! (also see presentation skills).

The Motivational Partnership makes it easy for you. We help you look at yourself from a different perspective. Through the eyes of others, whether that be your share holders or students. Through our coaching techniques and various methods of defining the authentic "You", we bring alive a personality in a manner of ways through from clothes you wear, the gestures you make right through to materialistic visibility and linguistic finesse.

Our intensive coaching which is sensitively honest offers you the opportunity to re- invent yourself or strengthen the brand you already possess to maximise your personal impact. We use nlp ( a study of excellence) as a model for reframing images, experiences and behaviours along with creative visualisation to bring about a positive self expectancy of results. The proof of how successful The Motivational Partnership executive branding is will be apparent by the significant impact you have as witnessed by the responses you receive.

Personal and professional branding for sales executives

Decisions are made about whether a customer wants to invest in your company on the basis of the experience they have in dealing with your sales representative. If for example your company prides itself on being ethical and reliable and yet your sales person does something that goes against the company brand, it will be your business that loses out.


The Motivational Partnership will work with your sales team to create a continuity of style and approach. This is important to the business in projecting a uniformity of standards and service. When staff are off or territories changed your customers should not be confused or surprised by a different approach. Whilst individuals remain authentic in their personal branding eg. one person may be more outgoing by nature their professional branding is the same in terms of conduct. Remember, the way you look and act now will determine your level of success in the future.