The Motivational Partnership have created a back to basics programme that provides all age groups with the essential skills to presenting a responsible, polite and courteous manner. In today's society it is evident that standards have dropped and there is a grave need to address this situation.

Manners matter is an inspiring programme that raises the aspirations of pupils to instil a willingness to adapt a 'stop think and do attitude!' It takes in to account the needs of others and the importance of being considerate and respectful.

It provides a framework to up skill inter personal skills, build rapport and improve influence and persuasion skills that will impact on future success. This no nonsense workshop gets the message across in an entertaining and memorable way leaving students eager to express etiquette that will reflect positively on them.

Topics covered

  • What is etiquette
  • Perception and reality
  • Lazy language
  • Verbal and non verbal communication
  • Positive and negative behaviour
  • Respect, like and trust
  • Cause and effect


Students will learn

  • How to become accountable for their actions
  • How to promote positive habits and avoid negative habits
  • Positive and negative habits in communication
  • The little things that really matter