What if you could take all the winning thoughts, beliefs, attitudes of the greatest leaders who ever lived and literally install them like a software program into your mind?

You'd be one of the most powerful leaders around, wouldn't you?

Now you can be!

The Motivational Partnership will show you how you can easily and effortlessly be infused with the passion, the drive, the persuasiveness of the great leaders who ever lived. We will also look at techniques to keep you calm and in control even when it feels like everything ifs falling down around you. Discover what influencing behaviours build confidence in others and create a willingness to follow. And you can still be yourself!!!

Our programmes are not about trying to change the nature of who you are, instead we will embrace the natural "You" and work towards bringing your best qualities to life in every given situation.

By utilising our simple but highly effective methods of developing a strong connection with others, witness positive shifts in behaviour even from the most challenging of characters.

Programmes available

The natural Leader

This programme promotes authentic Leadership skills. We focus on individuals natural levels of zest and drive, approachability and influence. It allows delegates to become more aware of what works and what doesn't in their situation. It provides them with a format for success and works within the realms of their preferred leadership style, capitalising on their current strengths and breaks down the barriers that have been holding them back.

Teamwork at the top

This programme is designed to look at the dynamics of the key senior management team and how they are perceived internally and externally. We focus on developing a uniformity of vision and practice. We deal with challenges face on and unlock any hidden agendas. Questions are asked and answers found.

Managing change

Using the cycle of change as a basis to position your organisations status we will develop the best way to move forward. Managers will be equipped with the "know how" to deal with people and operational issues effectively with minimum disruption or discontent.

Introduction to Leadership and Management

Having succeeded in previous roles is good grounding for becoming a manager, however a new role requires new skills. This programme will highlight how to develop a successful style that is personally and culturally suitable and gains respect and support from your team.

Women in Management

Delivered by women for women, this inspiring programme is filled with tips and techniques that guarantee a welcoming response. It uncovers all the myths behind the perceptions people have about women in senior roles and it offers guidance in combating the emotional struggles every female has to deal with.

Benefits to you

  • Become more confident and self assured
  • Increase your power of persuasion and influence
  • Gain respect and support
  • Improve motivation and morale within your team
  • Increased staff performance levels
  • Enjoy a willingness to work ethic within your team


Better managers mean better business with Motivateme