Helga Moran

  • Developed sales strategies for some of the top FTSE 100 companies.
  • Created a national, men-only slimming club.
  • Inaugurated  Liverpool's first "speed dating" company.
  • One of the UK's leading motivational speakers.

At just five feet tall, this bundle of energy creates an amazing sensation for those who are in her presence. She is Vibrant, Fun, Energetic... and gets noticed!

An experienced and outstanding net worker, she will help you to ooze confidence and gain attention from the right people, and for all the right reasons. Having worked for some of the FTSE 100 companies, Helga shares her knowledge of the structured selling approach to develop and build significant contracts and increase sales.

In the lead up to Helga’s career in Speaking and Training, there was a series of challenges which she openly shares, accompanied by techniques that can be adapted to suit your situation, allowing for successful outcomes. As creator of “Maneaters”, the highly succesful Men only Slimming Club, she can also help you successfully shed stones, by her healthy mind and body approach.

Eager to understand different business cultures and to embrace change with contrasting lifestyles, Helga took off to Australia. It was here in Sydney that she developed her Management skills, having set up a Call Centre to educate businesses on the introduction of the GST (Australia’s VAT system). Let her share the experience with your team, and allow them to embrace diversity and cultural differences to build on your corporate image.

During her travels Down Under, her thirst for excitement, coupled with a passion for achievement was born. She enjoyed the thrill of aerial trekking over the forest floors, skydiving and bungee jumping over Lake Taupo in New Zealand and chasing the rapids whilst white water rafting in Cairns. Today Helga continues to enjoy adventures such as jungle survival and mountain climbing, whilst raising money for well deserved charities.

The youngest, smallest, and loudest of ten children, she experienced loss and tragedy during the most crucial years of her childhood, suffering the loss of her Father, Mother and eldest sister. But through this adversity, Helga’s character gave her the strength, which she now uses to help others, help themselves. The most used expression from clients or members of the audience when referring to Helga is, ”Please let me have some of what she is on.” This is simply her ability to make people laugh, to love life and live it with a positive passion!