All teachers at some point encounter challenging behaviours, whether that is with pupils or colleagues.

Challenging behaviour is as the term suggests difficult and sometimes distressing for particular parties involved. Whilst we may consider someone to be challenging, they too, quite possibly have the same feelings about us. With this in mind we will investigate the challenging behaviours from all angles. This will help us identify our characteristics and patterns of behaviour that have a negative impact on others, whilst learning how to deal with the effects of those we consider to be challenging.

The Motivational Partnership will provide delegates with positive handling strategies and preventative measures to avoid difficult situations and the "know how" to diffuse or positively handle challenging behaviours.

Course overview
Throughout this highly interactive programme we will uncover the causes behind challenging behaviours and the characteristics of challenging behaviours, together with different ways behaviour presents itself.

Topics covered

  • Cause, effects and consequences of challenging behaviours
  • What influences behaviours
  • Barriers, assumptions, facts
  • Perception and reality
  • Other factors to consider
  • Importance of managing challenging behaviours
  • Addressing and overcoming challenging behaviours
  • Improving relationships


  • Improve level of self awareness and how to manage our emotions
  • Strategies to apply to specific situations to achieve a win- win outcome
  • Techniques to stay calm, in control and positive
  • Improve skill level and enjoy better relationships