Deliver outstanding customer care and your company will receive outstanding results.

Customer Care Training from The Motivational Partnership will completely revolutionise your staff's attitude towards customers. They'll want to achieve their best with every customer they deal with, and the results will be obvious within a matter of days.

What's more, our formula for success is easy to implement and manage.
If you care about your company then customer care is vital.
How do you rate the level of customer care in your organisation?
Unfortunately it seems to be a common occurrence for people to forget to say the simplest of things like "please and thank you" It is frightening when you consider how much business is lost to the competition simply because of bad manners.

Why do we give bad service?

Often a lack of confidence is the underlying reason for individuals to shy away from acknowledging or assisting customers in a professional manner. It could be because a person is de-motivated, new to the job, unhappy or simply lazy that they don't show 100% commitment towards the customer. Whatever the reason, this kind of approach is not acceptable and professional training with The Motivational Partnership will address the causes for behaviour and provide solutions to raise current standards.
If we don't look after our customers someone else will!
Let us show you how you can gain repeat business and keep customers loyal whist promoting and recommending your company or organisation to others.
The Motivational Partnership focus on four key programmes under the customer care umbrella;

Outstanding Customer Service

This programme takes a microscopic view of all the elements that allow for customers to feel totally impressed by the high standard of service they received from all concerned. It details how attitude, motivation and skill impact on customer perception. Using our simple step by step approach your team can make significant improvements to the way they conduct themselves in the future.

Manners Matter

This back to basics approach has become so sought after from all industries. We explain about etiquette, business ethics, and the general rules for being courteous and polite. We uncover the most disliked terms, words and phrases frequently used to address our customers and highlight powerful language that gains peoples interest and respect. Gestures, habits and mannerisms are also presented to identify what is positive and negative in our body language and behaviour.

Date your customer

Whilst there are more choices and options for customers than ever before our customer care programme ensures that by "dating" our customers (metaphorically speaking) we will keep the competition at bay. We look at ways that make our customers feel special, important and cared for. We explain what having empathy means and what we can do to develop a trusting relationship.

Relationship marketing

Uniformity of beliefs, attitudes and values becomes apparent when staff work effectively together for the good of the customer. Ensuring all relevant departments are kept informed is an expression of how important our customer is and how we value them. The Motivational Partnership will explain what constitutes for relationship marketing and how you can implement a successful strategy that benefits everyone.