Our coaching and mentoring programmes provides delegates with the key skills to help support, encourage, empower and inspire others who they are assisting . It is of great value especially to new staff , newly qualified teachers and current staff who have been promoted to help strengthen their confidence levels and ability to build rapport and connection with new people.

The Motivational Partnership have an excellent track record in peak performance coaching and have helped develop individuals and teams to achieve outstanding results from different walks of life.

Coaching and mentoring is a skill. There is an art to coaching / mentoring that helps individuals unlock their potential, address and manage situations and achieve positive outcomes.

Good coaching is unbiased, supportive and objective. It focuses on helping the individual help themselves identify what behaviours and actions need to be addressed.


The Motivational Partnership provide an upbeat, interactive, informative and memorable programme that will help delegates learn how to build rapport and connection with mentees. We will focus on the key qualities necessary and establish how we can strengthen our skill set.

Topics Covered

  • Definitions, interpretations and opinions
  • Characteristics of great coaches/mentors
  • Coaching and communication models
  • Guidelines to effective coaching /mentoring
  • Barriers and benefits to coaching
  • Emotional intelligence and assertiveness skills
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Confidentiality and feedback



Delegates will gain more confidence and self belief in their ability to become an effective coach. They will understand the process of coaching and apply the principles that work in practice.