It's a fact that every business, big or small will face change at some time in the future. How you manage this change will determine how successful that future will be.

At The Motivational Partnership we can enable your company to manage change in the best way possible. Our uniquely designed "Change Programme" address staff concerns by educating, encouraging and inspiring. We'll dispel any myths, promoting the need for change whilst instigating a positive personal response towards taking action.

With The Motivational Partnership... change is always for the better.

Why do you need this programme?

Has your organisation undergone an acquisition or merger? Are you restructuring or relocating? Whatever your position, one thing is for sure whilst change is inevitable so is the mixed feelings that it attracts.

The Motivational Partnership will focus on both the cause and the symptoms of behaviours towards change. We will uncover the cycle of change and how it impacts on people and performance. Once you have confirmed who the programme is aimed at i.e. management, key personnel , front line staff etc. we will design a bespoke programme that is pitched to either the instigators, implementers or recipients of change.

What is your current position?

Everyone in the organisation will respond in different ways, at different times. Having established where you are in terms of how recent the change is or if indeed it has been announced, we will help you make the transition more manageable and less disruptive.

How can we help?

We are not textbook trainers. Having worked for some of the countries leading companies at senior level we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience and sound advice. We communicate effectively at all levels and with our natural zest for improvement we will share with you techniques, innovative and practical methods to making change less stressful and more productive.

What you can expect

An uplifting programme that quashes limiting beliefs and unlocks a positive mindset to making change work. We will utilise a collection of methods to assist you including NLP, emotional intelligence and accelerated learning to help react and respond to the beliefs, attitudes and values surrounding change.

Learn how to

  • Turn uncertainty into opportunity
  • Embrace new working habits
  • Develop an open mindset
  • Reduce worry and stress
  • Raise standards
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Improve motivation and morale


  • Reassured staff
  • Willingness to work
  • Compliance to standards
  • Overcome discontent
  • Forward thinking
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Better results Cultural Intergration


Having worked with many companies and delegates from around the world our cultural integration programme provides the ideal environment to create an openness to address key concerns.

We focus on the beliefs, values and attitudes of the team to develop a uniformity of opinion.

Merging different cultures requires an emotionally intelligent approach and understanding that change will instigate mixed feelings.

> The Motivational Partnership will provide the right conditions to bring about clarity concerning people and practices, we will act as a vehicle to allow delegates to express themselves under a positive and solution focused environment.

Emotional wellbeing

Your team will leave feeling emotionally uplifted and energised. Our programme helps release the stress and tension that is often brought about as a result of uncertainty, anxiety and fear. Delegates will learn how to have a more positive opinion and understanding of the different personalities they work with and acknowledge and accept different methods of work that may not fall into their preferred style. This knowledge becomes the catalyst for progression. The bonding session is borne out of a mutual interest and by focussing on the need to be informed, involved and recognised, a motivational experience will be had by all, encouraging empathy and support within the workplace.